Leslie’s Story (New York City, NY)

From my first visit with Dr. Cho, I was made completely comfortable. He explained what needed to be done and how he would do that. I left his office that day with a clear and better understanding of what lay ahead of me. Things for me developed rapidly and earlier than expected. Dr. Cho’s office staff got me ready in days with the tests I needed for my surgery. Everyone was so thoughtful, ready to help, warm and caring.

The surgery went well, although I don’t remember a thing after the anesthesiologist got to me. During my stay in the hospital, Dr. Cho was there every day. The hospital staff were all caring and helpful. After a few days I was transferred to the rehab department where, again, everyone was just great. Two weeks after surgery I went home almost pain free. A few days later I had no pain at all.

Everything since has been a steady improvement. During my follow-up visit with Dr. Cho, we complemented each other. He said I was a good patient and I said that was because I had such a good doctor. Now as I write this it has been just three months since my surgery and I am so pleased with my result. I had the best experience and in my opinion the best doctor.