John’s Story (Tenafly, NJ)

Six weeks ago Dr. Samuel Cho performed cervical spine surgery on my neck for multiple herniated discs. I would like to share my experience with you if you are contemplating having this procedure done.

I had experienced neck and upper back pain for many years. This past year the pain in my back became acute and I began to experience numbness and pain all the way to the fingertips of my right hand. My primary physician suggested I see Dr. Cho. From the x-rays, MRI, and conversations with Dr. Cho, it appeared to me to be a very complex and delicate procedure. Dr. Cho’s calm demeanor, his thorough and systematic diagnosis, and confidence as a surgeon allowed me to make the decision to go ahead with the surgery. From pre-surgery to leaving the hospital after an overnight stay, Dr. Cho, his staff, and Mount Sinai Hospital staff were extremely professional in caring for me. And Dr. Cho has been there for me throughout the past six weeks.

To me, surgery was 100% successful and all my nerve pain is gone. But don’t think you will be totally pain free. I still had to deal with post-surgery pain and discomfort. I wore a neck brace for six weeks. During the first few days I could hardly swallow without some pain. Any fast movements elicited a sharp pain in my back. I realized it was going to take a little more time before I feel fully recovered. But over the course of six weeks I began to feel better overall and was experiencing less pain. I have lost some weight and I felt weak. But it feels absolutely great to be free of the constant numbness and nerve pain I had experienced for so many years.

I was very fortunate to have been recommended to Dr. Cho. If you are deciding whether to have this type of surgical procedure, I highly recommend Dr. Cho, a brilliant, confident and caring surgeon.